Today, it’s really simple to make your own music without spending any money on software. You don’t even need instruments or a studio for that. There are many freeware programs out there which allow you to produce your own beats. These programs often aren’t that easy to use, but with a little practice and knowledge they become a good alternative to the mostly very expensive programs like Adobe Audition or Qbase for example. In this article I will explain to you the ways you can to start making your own music and I will list some freeware music makers I made good experiences with.

First, I want to show you some online applications. With these programs, you can make your own beats online. They can be all different kinds: piano, guitar, drums or even full music applications like you might know it from offline programs. To name two of them:

  • Flocabulary ( is a piano application comparable to a real keyboard where you can choose from different piano sounds and drumloops to practice your skills. You can play the piano by using your keyboard.
  • Jam Studio ( is a guitar loop playing application, but it also has other instruments like drums, bass and piano. Here you can choose the cords and let them play in loops, it’s pretty interesting since you have a lot of options to choose from.

Online applications are fun to play around with and to test and improve your skills, but let’s take a look at the offline programs which are the programs you really want to focus on. This is mostly downloadable software you can produce music with and save them to audio files on your computer. These two programs I found the best to work with:

  • Kristal Audio Engine ( is a real beat making software with all you need in order to produce music. It has 16 audio tracks, VST-plugin slots and many more features. It’s not the easiest one to use though, so you might want to watch some tutorials how to make this work on YouTube, for example. Note: it’s only free for non-commercial use!
  • HammerHead Rhyth Station (, a synthesizer built after the Roland TR-909 drum machine comes with many samples and add-ons. In my opinion, it’s easier to use than Kristal Audio Engine, but you also have less creative freedom as it doesn’t offer that many features.

Another option for you might be downloading a free demo version of a paid software if none of the programs above suit your needs. There are many good deals for music making software out there, you can get DUBturbo for 30$ at the time, for example. Try all of them out, it was really fun for me experimenting around with these programs and applications. I wish you much fun with this, as this is the most important part!