Most people think it’s nearly impossible to make music on their own. They think you need a big studio and lots of musically educated people… But that’s just not true! So many extremely good producers started from their own home, some didn’t even know anything about notes or how to play an instrument. In reality, when you make music on your computer, most things are automated or you can make adjustments with just a couple clicks. So, before you start, you need the right software. This isn’t an easy choice. For beginners the program should be easy to use, have a cheap price and many features and plugins, if possible.

In my opinion, the most suitable software to start out is DUBturbo. It’s probably the easiest to use beat making software on the market and the price is really low, too. Many features and plugins like synthesizers and drum machines are included. After viewing some tutorials you’ll be able to make your own music in minutes.

If you want something with more options and a slightly better quality output, I recommend Fruity Loops. This software is more for advanced users though. I think there’s no better beat maker for electro music. It has a higher price and doesn’t include many features, but with some extra plugins you can make great music with this software.

I think we talked enough about programs for now. Of course you also need some basic knowledge about music theory. Visit a library near you or look on YouTube. Take some music classes if you want. You also might want to learn an instrument, piano for example, would really help you accelerate your creative process. More knowledge isn’t necessary, but wouldn’t harm either.

Now a couple words about hardware. You don’t need some, but a good sound card, a nice sound system or headphones and a keyboard are things you might be interested in obtaining, especially the keyboard. You don’t want to play on your computer-keyboard pressing on letters and numbers.

After these things, you’ll be on the right way. The only qualities you need then are experience and passion. The key to becoming very good at this is having fun doing it. If you don’t feel the beat and aren’t passionate about making your own music, maybe it’s not the right thing for you. But if you are, let your creativity flow! Start publishing your music, build a fanbase over time and look where it takes you. Either it’s a hobby or you have ambitions about making a living as an artist, it’s up to you. Just don’t forget the thing that matters most: have fun!