The music industry has changed very much compared to what it was back in the days when only musically educated people could make professional music arrangements in big major label studios. Today, with the internet and a little experience, everyone can produce music and even earn some good money with it. All you need is a good software and, if you can afford it, an MPC or a keyboard. For beginners, there is DUBturbo, which is really easy to use and has many features. More advanced beat producers like to use Fruity Loops because of more fine tuning options. And for professionals there are programs like Adobe Audition and Qbase which offer nearly endless options and suit better for complex arrangements.

If you’re not familiar with the structure of hip hop beats, here’s how they’re made: you have your drums and percussions, the baseline and a melody. You use 16 bars for the verse and 8 for the hook/chorus. For more details you might want to read my articles about how to make a hip hop beat and how to sell your beats. Experiment around and find out which software is best for your style and get some experience in producing. A good way to learn and improve is to register at „“. This is a forum where people can upload their beats and get feedback from other producers, you can also rate their beats. The ratings go from 0 to 100, and if your beats reach about 80 to 90, you can be sure your beats are really good and ready for sale. I would recommend you to start selling when you’re at that point.

Some good beat selling sites to mention are „“, „“ and „“. If you want to sell music of other genres or music for movies and presentations there is also „“. Try it out, it’s a good way to earn some extra money with your hobby and make yourself a name in the industry. I also recommend to put you beats on youtube and myspace to build a fanbase. That’s the best way to get noticed by other artists or labels and then you’ll be able to become a professional music producer.

Sure all these steps take time but if you stick with it you’ll see results really fast. To summarize this process in a sentence: get a software that suits you best, watch some tutorials about music theory and music structures, publish your music to get feedback and improve, sell your beats on some sites, get a name by publishing on youtube and myspace and build a fanbase. I wish you good luck and the most important part: have fun doing it!