When starting out making your own music, you don’t necessarily want to spend money. This isn’t really an obstacle because there’s plenty good free software available on the internet. Either you need a recording, sampling or drum machine software, you can easily find it. What we need for the start are some VST-Plugins and a music software to use the plugins on. Try searching them on google or another search engine you like. To help you out, I’ll name you some nice programs. First the music software:

  • „Music Machine“ is a free program where you can sequence your sounds, which you have from soundpacks or created with a VST-Plugin.
  • „Krystal Audio Engine“ is a free multitrack recorder, audio sequencer and mixer where you can mix down and master the tracks.

Of course, with these programs alone you can’t make music. So you’ll need some soundpacks and soundfonts. These are drum, percussion, instrument or effect sounds which you can fine tune and sequence in your music maker software. Also you might want to use VST-plugins. These are plugins with different parameters and you can tune your own unique sounds with them. There are base-, effect- and synthesizer-plugins, just to name a few. For free soundpacks and -fonts I recommend you to visit „freesound.org“ and for VST-plugins, there’s „freemusicsoftware.org“. If you want to search for many other free programs take a look at „hitsquad.com“.

Free software is a really good way to start out without having to spend money, but it’s not the easiest. The software is there to make the music creation process easier for you, not to complicate it. For experimenting and getting in touch with the whole process, free software is ideal. When you have this part handled, you might want to look at some demo versions of better software. Get in touch with the functions and read some tutorials, and you might want to spend some bucks in a nice program with many features and good plugins. DUBturbo, for example, is very easy to use and is available for about 30$. So think about it, it’s a good investment.