Back in the days, it wasn’t easy to record your own music. In fact, for normal people it was unaffordable to start a music career on their own. There were big machines which recorded different tracks on tapes and only studios of big major labels had that kind of equipment. Artists had to have a major deal in order to be able to record their music. But thank god, in the 21st century, with home computers and the internet this isn’t an issue anymore! Now everyone, with some creativity and the right knowledge, can make it happen, even for free!

Ok, which program to use depends on your budget and your genre. Most programs suit to every genre, but for each music style there are certain programs to prefer. For electro and hip hop music, I like Fruity Loops most, and for straight hip hop/rap beats I recommend DUBturbo. If you are starting out, these are the best programs because they are the easiest to use, in my opinion. There is also Krystal Audio Engine, which is for free, but it’s a bit harder to get started with this software. So with no budget, it’s ok to use Krystal Audio Engine, or you can try out the demos of Fruity Loops and DUBturbo. If you are willing to spend about 30 bucks, you can purchase the DUBturbo software, which is best and easiest for hip hop beats, but you can also make music of every other genre with it. As far as I know, this is the best deal on multitrack recording software out there.

It’s good to watch some tutorials on YouTube to get an understanding and good tips on how to make your own music. Don’t worry, nowadays making music is really easy and you don’t need instruments to start out, although it’s preferable to have a midi-keyboard with usb. If you don’t have one, you can use your pc keyboard and make melodies hitting on the letters and numbers. Believe me, there are many people making music in their own homes and even earning money selling it on the internet!

Once you are accustomed to DUBturbo, you’ll already be able to make good beats in broadcast quality and you can even sell them! Then, if you want to change to a more advanced software, I recommend to take a look at Fruity Loops. For about 140$ you get a program which has more options and abilities, plus you can purchase tons of plugins and soundpacks.

Check out these programs and try them out, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to make your own music!