If you are an artist, whether a rapper or singer, you need to have your own repertoire of beats. There are many ways to get your own hip hop drum beats. You can purchase the using rights on beats from some producers which can be expensive sometimes, especially when you are looking for exclusive rights on the beats so you can use them for commercial purposes, or you can make your own hip hop drum beats. This is a more effective way, in my opinion, as you can make them match to your own style better. Here the music maker software comes into play. Many good beat production programs on the market suit for making hip hop beats, but they are not all easy to use as I suppose that you are new on this topic. In this article, I will show you which programs worked best for me and I’ll explain to you how to start making your own hip hop drum beats.

First, the software. You want a program that is easy to use and get acustomed with, because this makes it easier for you to start out. When you feel you need more options and quality for your beats, you can switch to a more professional software. So, which is the best program to start out with? As a hip hop artist, I would say DUBturbo. This program is surprisingly low in price and has very many features and soundpacks. This is important because you won’t need to purchase more soundpacks and VST-plugins, here you have all you need to begin producing your own beats. Download the demo and try it out, you can practice a little bit and look if this software suits your needs. There is also another program I want to mention: Fruity Loops. If you don’t like DUBturbo, try this. The downside is that it’s more expensive and you’ll have to purchase soundpacks and VST-plugins as Fruity Loops doesn’t have very much of them included.

Ok, now I’ll explain how a hip hop beat is made. As you have noticed in dance music, for example, the kicks and snares hit on every beat. In hip hop music, this is different. The snares usually hit on every second beat and the kicks differently, sometimes on a beat, sometimes a little off the beat. This is why the hip hop drums sound so laid back. Derscribing this in text is difficult, so you micht want to see some examples on this. Watch tutorials on YouTube for this, look for the channel of „nfxbeats“. He shows some really good examples on how to get this accomplished.

I hope this gave you a little insight on how to make your own beats. Of course, this is by far not all. You can read my other articles and watch other YouTube tutorials to further educate yourself on this topic. Go and try it out!